• Recreational Class Schedule

  • How to Enroll

    Registration Fall Session - First Paid/First Served Basis!

    New Students:

    We require a trial class to be able to enroll.  If you are planning to sign up for the session, find the available day(s) and time(s) in the appropriate age group, email mosaicgymnastics@gmail.com or via the contact us page to schedule a trial class.

    Please review on this page, how to dress for the class.  After the trial class - if your daughter does not feel that this is a good fit for her, you do not need to pay.  If she likes it and you want to sign her up, you need to email mosaicgymnastics@gmail.com no later than next day for next steps on classes you are requesting.

    Returning Students:

    Registration for the Fall Session is based on first paid first served basis!  We accept checks made out to Mosaic Gymnastics or via Venmo.com payable to mosaicgymnastics@gmail.com (also include in the "What's it for?" section, your child's name and Age Group) -  Please fill out Recreational Class Agreement and Waiver/Release Form for 2019/2020 Season and return it for the first scheduled class.

    See calendar below for planning

  • Registration and Basic Rules

    Annual Registration Fee: $25 for one child; $35 for the family. Applies from September 2019 - August 2020.

    Make-Ups for missed classes: must be done within same session or first week of the next session; no prorating classes for the next session.  You can make up a total of three days per Session. 

    Try Out Class: If you don't like the class - don't pay; if you like, pay for the tryout class and for the remaining session.  Try Out fee is based on price for one class according to the Age Group.

    Dress Code: leotards, tight shorts or unitards and a fresh, clean pair of socks (not the socks being worn in their shoes) are required to enter the floor area (Not Permitted: shoes, baggy or loose clothing, jeans, hoodies, dirty socks and jewelry)  Click here for a good example of what to wear

    Hair: must be brushed and pulled back in a ponytail or braid.

    Health Code:  Do not bring kids practice if they are sick (fever, head ache, sneezing, coughing, etc)

    Availability!:  Current students take priority.  Payment must be received before the last week of the current Session - after that UNPAID spaces will go to New Students.

    Class Time Policy: Being late to class is not acceptable based on USAG safety rules and regulations.

  • For Registration Please Download, Print & Sign the Below Agreements:

  • Fall Session: Sep 3 - Nov 23 - Class & Tuition for Session #1 (12 Weeks)

    1x per week 2x per week
    Class Length12 classes24 classes
    45 min (4-5 y.o.)$216$410
    1 hour (6-8 y.o.)$240$456
    1hr 15min (9 y.o. & up) $288$547
    1hr 30min (advanced)$324$615
  • Girls Ages 4 - 5 years

  • Girls Ages 6 - 8 years

    5:45 - 6:454:45-5:454:00-5:005:15-6:1512:15-1:15
  • Girls Ages 9 and Up

  • Advanced Class - Coach Recommended

  • Fall Session #1 Calendar: Sep 3 - Nov 23 (12 weeks)